Treatment Services

Chiropractic Adjusting

I do not simply “crack” your spine. I take both a global and specific look at where the dysfunction is occurring and deliver the appropriate manipulation to give your body the opportunity it needs to heal.

Soft Tissue Therapy

When most people think of massage or any soft tissue therapy, they think of expensive spa settings that are often

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Conditions Treated

Neck Pain

Did you just wake up and realize you can’t move your head?
It’s not uncommon for all of us to experience some discomfort in the neck and upper back at some point. I can properly examine and assess, following up with the proper treatment for you to look over your shoulder again.

Back Pain

Did you just bend down to pick up something but then felt your back slowly tense up?
Most of us will eventually experience back pain as we age. There are lots of factors that contribute to this, but you don’t have to stay in pain. Let me guide your healing so that your back will be stronger than ever!


Did you know that the after-effects of an injury can last a life-time
While most injuries do tend to have a huge soft-tissue element, much of the lasting trauma can create scar-tissue surrounding the joints possibly leading to arthritis later in life. I can help minimize this through early and proper care.

Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Falls, Minor Sports Injuries, and Maintenance Care

Schott Chiropractic

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