What Do Chiropractors Commonly Treat?

When chiropractic first made it’s appearance through the fateful treatment of a janitor in 1895 by David Daniel (D.D.) Palmer, it was during a time of increasing scientific epistemology but still trapped by holistic spiritualism. Palmer was a man of his time who like many others were interested in healing and spiritualism of the 19thContinue reading “What Do Chiropractors Commonly Treat?”

Common questions for a chiropractor: Is chiropractic care safe?

Risk is a normal part of living, and no matter how cautious we can be, we must always weigh the risk vs reward of anything we do. As with any health care procedure no matter how minimally invasive it can be there is always the question of safety. This is always an important question toContinue reading “Common questions for a chiropractor: Is chiropractic care safe?”