Dr. Troy D. Schott

Doctor of Chiropractic

Schott Chiropractic

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“Troy Schott my favorite doctor forever!! Absolutely amazing service!! I’ve go to many many locations in LA and across the US, but always coming back when is possible to see the best one!! Thanks!!” — N.G.

“Took me forever and a half to find a chiropractor like Dr. Schott. There’s literally nothing he won’t do to ensure your physical well being and doesn’t waste any time to target or tackle your problem areas, leaving you with immense relief and a massive smile on your face.” – A. I.

“I’d give this Doc 6 stars if they’d only let me! He just shows up, bim bada boom, truly listens to everything that’s going on in your body and then resolves the issue step by step. I trust him wholeheartedly, his adjustments are quick but not rushed, his professionalism and kindness go a long way..and danggg the neck adjustments are worth a million buckeroo’s! I’m so grateful to finally find a chiropractor that fits the bill!!!” – A. A.

“Dr. Schott is great! Consistently great adjustments and he knows exactly what I need and my adjustment preferences.” — A.B.

“It was by accident that I found Troy, my back was killing me and I couldn’t move.. I tried calling a bunch of different places but no one seemed to care about the urgency of my situation. I finally called Schott Chiropractic and Troy said that he would come out as soon as he can. Within an hour I was lucky enough to have Troy helping me with my back. I instantly noticed a difference ( I was able to move finally) and through additional sessions I was able progress drastically! Thank you Schott Chiropractor for all your help.” – I. A.